Wellness Bedtime Routine

Good sleep hygiene prevents accelerated aging and is essential part of healthy living.

  • Make sure your bedroom suggest good night sleep in all possible ways – no electronics, lots of fresh air, not too cold or too hot, dark and cosy with natural light, quality natural material bed linen, pillows and blankets, “bed on legs” to have the air flowing under the bed as well (good old Feng Shui practice), ergonomic mattress and pillows to support sleeping position
  • 2 h before bedtime avoid caffeine, alcohol, heavy meals, exercising
  • 2 h before bedtime feel free to calm down with glass of water or warm non-alcoholic drink like peppermint tea or other herbal teas
  • To help yourself wind down before bedtime allow yourself no stressing around, read some good books, meditate, take a relaxing bath or shower and use natural Lavender to induce calming scent in the bedroom.
  • Don’t use artificial scented candles to avoid toxins as well strong aroma in air.
  • No blue screens before bedtime – this reduces body’s production of sleep hormone called melatonin.
  • Exercise 4-8 hours before sleep – exercise helps to have deeper and calmer sleep.
  • If you are having obsessive thoughts – journal and write them out and get back to them during the day.
  • Clean your thoughts – look back at the day, conclude and rest your mind consciously
  • Pick wisely your night-time clothing and make sure it supports natural free movement and is made of natural breathing material.
  • Listen to calm, relaxing music or nature sounds.

“Beauty Sleep” is called “Beauty Sleep” for a reason – during the sleep our brain has a restart and our cells renew. The better your sleep, the more you are ready to actively welcome a new day – you’ll be more calm, efficient, with clearer mind as well clearer and more beautiful skin.


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