Best Anti-Aging Therapies to Feel Young Again

Lose Years Instead of Losing Just Weight.

In addition to our chronological age we have a biological age – the age determined by physiology rather than chronology, estimating changes of the physical structure of the body, changes in the performance of motor skills, and sensory awareness. For example, a person can be chronologically 35 years old while being biologically 38 years old. To help one look and feel younger than they really are does not mean a one-stop-shop treatment for the body, mind and soul. Rather, these are therapies for a person to adopt into their lifestyle and turn into healthy habits so it will constantly influence their well-being, natural beauty, and thus delay the biological aging process.

Before beginning to learn how to take our first steps towards the best version of ourselves, it would be useful to visualize the feeling of being old – becoming a bit overweight, apathetic, lacking vitality, and being lethargic. Moreover losing interest in sex and having difficulties sleeping, concentrating, and remembering things. Elderly also tend to tire more easily. These are all common aging signs that most of us will probably face in the future and because they are mostly side-effects associated with the deficiency of human growth hormones. It is certainly not the way most of us would like to envision ourselves in future, especially when we imagine ourselves retired and finally having enough time to include all the hedonistic activities in our daily itineraries. While trying to reach Jeanne Calment’s age of 122 years old (the oldest age ever documented) or competing with Methuselah, it is better to do it gracefully enabling us to feel energized and beautiful.

When creating our personalized anti-aging regiment it is wise to follow an inside-out treatment order, which means starting with mental and spiritual wellbeing; continuing with physical health and fitness; and finally reaching aesthetical appearance improvements if necessary. Such order is advised because treatments influencing our wellbeing of mind and body will already have effect on our beauty, potentially reducing the need for medical intervention in order to allow us to look better and be more content with ourselves. As previously mentioned depression is often considered a major health issue for all population groups and is a state that greatly accelerates the aging process. To help alleviate the symptoms and effects of depression, micro nutrition treatment could be looked into. It is an innovative treatment that has shown great promise and that could also be beneficial to our general mental wellbeing (dealing with chronic stress, burnout, eating disorders, anxiety). Micro nutrition treatment includes genetic testing and laboratory analysis of blood, urine and saliva, which will be followed by a customized micro-nutrient blend. Personally prescribed micro-nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, are designed to correct our brain chemistry. Deficits are balanced to achieve individual optimization of mind health. These treatment programs typically last a minimum of three months in order to properly rebalance the whole mental state. This process is usually overseen by a specialized psychiatrist who will include psychotherapy sessions as well. Regular physical activities such as walking, running and dancing are also highly recommended as exercise is one of the best natural ways to rid us from negative thoughts and tension.

In order to fully realize a better version of ourselves, it is necessary to become aware of how old we really are. This means undergoing gene testing in order to measure our biological age. In addition, gene testing enables us to measure food intolerances (revealing the food allergies), athletic abilities (providing insight into the body’s metabolism that allows us to develop the best training program for our body type), and disease risks (screening for inherited genetic risk factors that make more likely for someone to develop certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, etc). Genetic testing can give us strong motivation for further lifestyle changes; it will provide us with clear picture of “how we are really doing”. Proper diagnostics is one of the key steps in the prevention process – it is equivalent to predicting the future of one´s health in a scientific way. In a rather interesting experiment, the scientists were, for the first time ever, able to reverse the age of an animal in a laboratory environment. They demonstrated that the mice actually became young again through turning on the telomerase gene. According to Jay Williams (2013) it was found that anti-aging medicine has the potential to allow people to live actively for up to 130 years. While practicing anti-aging medicine, gene testing should usually be followed by a lifestyle modification which includes three months of adopting healthier habits, followed-up by a subsequent gene test after six months. So, there we have it – losing one or more years from our biological age.

Let us also discuss the so called “fountain of youth”, which hormone replacement therapies is sometimes referred as. Lately the wide-ranging health benefits of natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT for short, has been debated and is now widely considered a safe and effective therapy for maintaining youthful metabolism, physical and mental health, as well as emotional wellness and vitality at any age. But what does this magical treatment of bio-identical hormones really mean? Harvard Health Publications (2011) claim that the term “bio-identical” does not have a precise medical definition, however, the “endocrine society” explains bio-identical hormones as “compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the human body.” Health care specialists usually use the word “bio-identical” to describe preparations containing either progesterone or one or more of three different types of estrogens (estradiol, estrone, and estriol). Suzanne Somers (the author of “Ageless”) and other advocates of bio-identical hormones generally go beyond this and refer the following regimen, called bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT):

• Hormones are measured via a saliva test to identify “deficiencies”.
• Clinician prescribes a combination of hormones to bring the hormones into balance.
• The prescription is filled at a compounding pharmacy using hormones derived from “natural” sources.
• Besides estrogen and progesterone, the prescription may include other hormones, such as testosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and adrenal hormones.
• The hormone levels are re-tested periodically and prescription revised if necessary.
Supplements play a vital role in age management and anti-aging treatments – in addition to BHRT there is another youth source called antioxidants. In one’s daily menu, we could include, according to a personalized prescription, antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione, Vitamin C and E. These are the so-called youth antioxidants, which can be found in various foods and are also available as food supplements. Antioxidants protect our body and its cells against oxidative stress that fastens the cell aging processes which in turn weaken the immune system. Oxidative stress can easily manifest itself while living hectic, busy lives, while not paying attention what we eat, drink, breathe or how much we move. Antioxidants are necessary to keep our cells vital and thus benefit our overall wellbeing.
Before we touch upon the much desired aesthetical corrections, there is one additional lifestyle therapy worthy of consideration that affects our whole personality – it is called Sophrology. We often hear people complaining about their body image, anxiety, fears in life, insomnia, concentration and memory problems, pain and tension, and respiratory issues. Sophrology is a relaxation technique which includes both physical and mental exercises that offer relief through its fundamental principles: working on positive thinking, objective reality, body image and suspending judgment. Sophrology is something that helps individuals to improve the balance between body, mind and soul. Sophrology drives us through a dynamic relaxation exercises which will be practiced individually with a therapist or within a group. It focuses attention to the body, its blockages and teaches how to let go of tensions and guides us into deeper relaxation. Sophrology is a paramedical service like hypnosis or acupuncture, and mainly benefits our mental health. The hygiene of our body is important, but the hygiene of our emotions is as equally important – a healthy mind often creates a healthy body.
After treatments for our mind, soul and physical wellbeing, it is appropriate to address some aesthetical changes. These treatments can be a shortcut to beauty. The first and most innovative is the Face Gym. It is exactly what you would expect it to be – exercising with your face to improve blood circulation and skin metabolism. In beauty salons it is done by specially trained beautician, who will go through stretching exercises and stimulate the face muscles to wake up blood circulation. Another, somewhat more extreme treatment is the Vampire Facial, made famous by Kim Kardashian. Vampire Facial is also referred to as the platelet-rich plasma treatment – a blood sample is taken from the patient and the portion of plasma containing a high concentration of platelets is injected back into his or her skin. The aim of Vampire Facial is to speed up the renewal process of skin cells. It will give us a better face tone while rejuvenating and softening the skin. Above all it is important to have proper daily face care regime at home – cleaning, protecting, and nourishing, according to our personal skin type, something that can easily be prescribed by our beautician, dermatologist or aesthetician.
It is important to bear in mind that every decision about our lifestyle and habits is for or against our youth. Anti-aging treatments like micro nutrition, various genetic testing, hormone replacement therapies, Sophrology, antioxidant intakes, aesthetical procedures, as well as healthy lifestyle behaviors all work to benefit our beauty and provide us with youthful energy. Age management and anti-aging medicine can save countless lives and delay deadly lifestyle diseases, which can become more important than just retaining beauty. For the first time in history, becoming aware and using the power of prevention available today gives us the ultimate chance to age gracefully, control our quality of life more than ever and extend our years of healthy and fulfilling life. Let us use this opportunity.

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