Prevention is always better than cure

Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland has created state-of-art better-aging concept to educate and treat their customers to maintain their life quality at any age. They say that it’s all about better-aging rather than anti-aging, as we cannot stop the “clock”. Willingness to remain fresh and healthy look brings approximately 60% of their clients back to health programs at least once in a year. Dr. Adrian Heini will reveal us few secrets that will explain the importance of prevention and possibilities to slow down own aging process. Having a beautiful look in your 40’ies and 50’ies can’t be done just through aesthetic treatments and medical procedures – there’s lot an individual can learn from such a world renowned clinic.

We live in a fast paced society, with increased levels of stress, which can be noticed also in the younger population. For example pollution, lack of sleep, smoking, processed food and not enough physical exercise will define one’s aging process. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle from an earlier age should concern everyone. Controversially when we are young and in our best physical condition, we don’t give our bodies as much attention as we should. While we start to reach our 40’s and 50’s most of us begin to realise that aging can really define the quality of our everyday life. Through holistic better-aging concept Clinique La Prairie helps their patients to prolong health span and ease the issues that ages bring. Its health programs visibly improve patient’s quality of life – energy level, appearance, overall wellbeing; moreover stops accelerated aging which is often met due to hectic lives people nowadays have.
Clinique La Prairie has created a state-of-the-art Medical Spa as well as specialised centres in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, menopause, weight management and sleep disorders. In addition its patients can enjoy the beautiful nature surroundings where the clinic is situated, notably the Lake Leman. It gives its customers a great possibility to exercise outdoors. Being in contact with nature helps people to take time off, enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surroundings. Clinique La Prairie states that both medical and paramedical treatments as well as beauty disciplines are essential ingredients in order to achieve best results.

It is important to meet the needs of every patient and design treatments appropriately for each individual. Among others, orthopaedic replacement surgery, muscle and skeletal expertise, hearing assessment and skin checkups can become necessary with advancing age. Through multidisciplinary approach Clinique La Prairie educates its patients on what is balanced lifestyle all about, relying on medical facts and scientifically validated methods, rather than just fads. A healthy life is a balanced life.

Each individual will get personalised advice and practical information on nutrition, physical exercise, sleep, stress management etc. according to their health plan. Necessary tools are given to help adapt correct lifestyle. This is the knowledge that one will take with after check-out. Visit starts always with comprehensive interview with a senior physician to determine objectives and treatments. This is followed by specialized consultations and tests including medical analyses and a customized programme. Physicians and therapists remain in touch with patients and will give them regular advice following their stay. In some cases it is also possible to have consultation virtually, even prior to a patients stay. In addition following their stay patients receives complete medical report.

Regular check-ups are recommended from mid-thirties and are part of an optimal prevention programme which can help identify and successfully treat disorders at an early stage. For example the Revitalisation treatment is advised to patients from the age of 40, and depending on their lifestyle, to be repeated after every 18-24 month. Other therapies, notably spa treatments can be beneficiary from an earlier age. Clinique La Prairie suggests for better-aging an annual medical check up, or wellness programme.

Furthermore Clinique La Prairie is one of the pioneers in cellular therapy and preventative medicine – since its foundation in 1931 it has established a reputation as a world-renowned medical clinic and wellness destination. Clinique La Prairie is unique in that it is a private hospital offering a full range of health and better-aging medical services, as well as treatments for those who have decided to make an important investment in their health.
While talking about investing in our health CLP patented cellular extract could be something to benefit from. The CLP extract is, a formula exclusively produced by Clinique La Prairie laboratories, as part of unique Revitalisation programme. Designed to reinvigorate inactive cells, Revitalisation it is administered orally to patients following a medical check-up and under complete medical supervision over a weekly stay at the clinic. Revitalisation, has a beneficial effect on hormonal and metabolic functions, and is stimulating the immune system, helping to slow down the aging process.

Revitalisation is an unparalleled and innovative programme developed by and exclusively available at Clinique La Prairie. Scientifically tested and validated by patents this genuine rejuvenation programme strengthens the body’s immune defences and encourages revitalising processes by stimulating the body over the long term.
Recently they have also launched the “Better Mobility” programme, a multidisciplinary approach aiming to help patients be physically active at their peak. Keeping physically fit, maintaining endurance and balance, strengthening muscle and improving flexibility on a regular basis are essential activities for achieving health and longevity. With this in mind developed Better Mobility programme is specifically dedicated to the body during movement and the loco-motor system.

While speaking about mobility Clinique La Prairie benefits from nowadays wellness wearable innovation and uses it in training methods. For example in their Health Club, team of personal trainers use the wireless system mywellness® by Technogym. Thanks to new applications available, the fitness programme of each client can be stored in a digital key, a Smartphone or tablet, which will automatically set up the equipment and guide the user throughout the entire session. The trainer has the possibility to monitor the progress of each client, update their programme when necessary, and motivate them through personalised advice, during and after their stay at the clinic.
The dietary aspect has since ever been an important component in the Clinique La Prairie approach. A correct diet needs to be nourishing to ensure that a person remains in good health, but also to prevent illnesses and slow down the aging process. They promote a Correct and balanced diet is promoted to patients, and is proven to be essential for ensuring good physical- and mental health. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced nutrition. In addition recently renovated medical spa in Clinique La Prairie has over 50 new results oriented treatments and offers up to date solutions to aging skin problems by using ultra-modern, non-invasive technology.

As life expectancy is increasing, quality aging concerns everyone. Prolonging physical and mental health of each individual is important to give chance to enjoy those extra years in the best possible way.

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