Silent Tea Rituals

After such a sunny summer, one can finally wind down and switch to autumn vibes. Cool winds and rainy days are perfect for creating your own Silent Tea Ritual.

How does your perfect cup of tea look like?

Mine is done in silence, with happy thoughts in mind. Even though we have plenty of tea varieties, most likely I turn to quality black tea by Whittard. I don’t put any sugar or honey or whatsoever in it just because I want to taste the black tea itself. Listening the sound of boiling water already creates a cosy atmosphere, and when its ready, one cannot run to prepare the tea. You shall wait till the water has calmed a bit and temperature is not too high to destroy your tea taste. Approximately 83 degrees of Celsius, not lower, would be the best, I’d suggest. Take your time to breathe in, and breathe out. It is kinda moment of doing nothing, which you hopefully have well deserved. I think people can truly enjoy a break only after being active, when the natural need for having a break is created. It is the way nature works, and the way we are created to be.
I take my tea with fingers, three zips into my special cup. Different days can have different cups depending on moods. You can have your “Blue Monday” cup, a “Oh Happy Day” cup, “I don’t give shhh” cup – just to give few ideas. I have three of them – two are handmade by artists, one with a wish “Feel the miracle, listen to it, see it” and another one with rustic angle wings, and the third one is my Swiss cup, a present from beloved person from Zurich. Like this I guarantee good thoughts even on rather melancholic days.
So as you might see, Silent Tea Ritual, is much more about your thoughts and mindfulness acts, than to feed yourself.

Pick your favourite tea and cup, and create your own perfect autumn breaks. Enjoy!

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