Meeting my first international Master students as guest lecturer in University of Tartu to teach “Innovation in Wellness”

This autumn it will be my honour to be one of the guest lecturers for international Master students of the Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management programme. I was interviewed by University of Tartu Pärnu College Program Manager, Mrs.Kai Tomasberg to introduce me in advance to the new students and I am hereby delighted to share this interview with you as well.

Kadi-Kai, you come to Pärnu College this autumn as external lecturer to provide a study day for Wellness Economy and Innovation course. Please tell me, how have you been involved in spa and wellness industry and for how long?

In spa business I have been since 2008, and in 2013 I graduated international MA Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management in University of Tartu, in Estonia. I did my thesis about Age Management Concepts for Wellness- and Spa Sector, and ever since I have been focusing on anti-aging wellness concepts- and innovation in wellness industry. As well my MA research outcome was launched in Governmental Public Health Development Plans for years 2009-2020. In addition at the same time I was invited to do a Public Performance at conference “Healing Resorts in Changing World”, to present “Age Management – concept for resorts”.

I have several years of experience from world’s leading hotels- and spas like Kempinski Bahia Estepona-Marbella, Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich, and Longevity Wellness Resort in Algarve; with additional expertise in handling VIP clients. In 2015 as a Head of Marketing, I helped to launch new Swiss premium rehab clinic in Zurich, called Calda Clinic.
Launching a private luxury clinic from the scratch has been so far one of my biggest challenges. We created an amazing holistic wellness concept, and the clinic has became a success story.
Currently occupied as Head of Marketing & Communications, I am part of an international team and innovating in self-care by helping to bring AI into wellness and skin care at global market.

You have had really interesting work experiences. Can you tell more about your work for Calda Clinic in Switzerland?

In Calda Clinic I was in the team from the very beginning, so it was an extraordinary chance to participate in founding a luxury rehab clinic with holistic wellness concept for ultra-wealthy.
It was challenging as luxury client has very high expectations for the brand, so everything needed extra attention and prudency.
Additionally to the corporate visual identity creation, the whole marketing on global level for high-net worth consumer was one of its kind. We didn’t use any traditional ways of marketing, so ditching social media, and going instead through banks, Family Offices, special network events and concierge companies. Luxury business is rather conservative in that sense and this goes along protecting the traditional image of premium businesses, services and products.

I remember, you have given workshops for Pärnu College students also before, quite some time ago. Can you tell me about your work as a trainer and coach? And what about your passion for dance?

Indeed, I was a lecturer for Bachelor students in 2012 and 2013 and gave course called “Physical Health Management”. At that time, I was parallelly active as professional dancer and in the middle of getting myself certified as aerobics trainer. So, I involved some practical body-mind classes in that course to teach my students stretching techniques and functional exercising as this is essential part of healthy lifestyle practice. We also talked about basics for nutrition, stress management and mind health enhancements. Healthy lifestyle practices as well dancing have always been my passion, and interest.

You have studied here at Pärnu College. Can you tell us more about it? What was your Master’s Thesis about?

My Master’s Thesis was about Age Management Concepts for Wellness and Spa Sector. I did my research in Switzerland and Portugal to find out the optimal successful aging spa concept to apply on future enterprises. As a result, one of the outcomes was the “Successful Aging Pyramid”, which matters if we start to talk about how to implement optimally anti-aging lifestyle or build an anti-aging concept for wellness or spa business.

Kadi-Kai, right now you are working for an international start up. What are your responsibilities there?

Currently I am working for start-up called Hauto ( – we are an international team and will soon launch an innovative skin self-test with an App in London, UK. In our team I’m responsible for all the international marketing and PR, occupied as Head of Marketing.
For this skincare App we are also developing an Artificially Intelligent skincare Bot as well some other great functionalities to help people personalize their skincare and find right skincare products and routines. I have also been part of the App development and the creation of AI system behind the App. It continues to be very exciting and inspirational process.

Kadi-Kai, you lived here in Pärnu for some years. How can you describe Pärnu to our students who just arrive and adapt to a new life. Do you have some tips, suggestions?

Pärnu is such a lovely place to live in. What best describes it are very lively summers and serene winters. I think it is important to mentally be ready for the dark season from late autumn till the end of winter when it can sometimes feel that nothing is happening, it is cold and days are short. Yet I find it perfect for studying and focusing on mental work. Oppositely spring and summer, you can see people everywhere, and the seaside becoming alive with all its surfing possibilities and all sorts of other recreational options.

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