When you are looking for perfection and innovation in preventive health care then Lanserhof Tegernsee is The One. Why I have picked that as one of my favourites medical wellness spas in Europe is because of the holistic approach and up-to-date anti-aging options it has.

Spring is a good time to start with body cleansing and nurturing, and in Lanserhof Tegernsee you can find it all: great possibilities for fasting, detox, health checks, as well top notch techniques to revive like the Cellgym.

Talking about the Cellgym IIHT treatment, during the treatment the patient relaxes while a breathing mask withdraws (hypoxia) or supplies oxygen (hypoxia) from and to the body at adjustable intervals. This process promotes cell regeneration. and after successful completion of the therapy, a measurable optimisation of cellular energy production can be noticed. (Lanserhof, 2019)

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