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Body Composition Analysis can be done in any proper fitness club or rehabilitation/health centre that has invested in body composition analyser.
Results of Body Composition Analyse that is normally done in combination with professional consultation by personal trainer or doctor, often motivates people to truly make an effort towards healthier body.
It can be surprising when one’s Age Matched of Body is far older than you really are. It is yet not your biological age that also might differ from your chronological age, but it is a good indicator to position yourself.
Also the numbers about your body fat and lean mass might become a stimuli to workout more and invest time in one’s preventive health care.

Here is the list of all the measurement you will receive:
Protein, Mineral, Total body water, Mass of body fat, Soft lean mass, Lean body mass, Weight, Standard weight, B.M.I., Percent body fat, Age matched of body, Basal metabolic rate, Total energy expenditure, Body type, 5 body parts (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg, and trunk) Soft lean mass / Mass of body fat and assessment, Body composition change, Control guide(Weight/Mass of body fat/Soft lean mass control, Goal to control, Control/week, Duration of control, Diet prescription calorie, Exercise prescription calorie), Visceral fat area, Visceral fat level, Abdominal circumference, W.H.R., Impedance, Blood pressure(when connected with blood pressure monitor of our company)

Body Composition Monitor

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