Graving for something new? Aman came up with a new adventure to fulfil your senses with different cultures, and help you find happiness in presence by taking you on a private jet expedition. Go and see what others may never see, and get amazed by the beauty of our Mother Nature.

From 20 March to 10 April 2020, up to 16 guests can join this round-the-world expedition, travelling by private jet and staying exclusively in Aman properties. See Tokyo and Shanghai from a new perspective; relax on Vietnam and Phuket’s most secluded shores; embrace the majestic landscapes of Bhutan and Rajasthan; and explore the historic coastlines of Montenegro and Greece. Ending with a flourish at Aman’s Venice palazzo, this unprecedented journey is a Grand Tour for the 21st century.

Environments affect our wellbeing directly, and new places and cultures inspire our souls, give strength to go on, and clean our minds. Taking care of mental health is new exercise. Go and find your new perspectives.

I see that escape with Aman as a perfect remedy to lift your spirits.

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