To give you an insight into what’s new and trending in 2019: the main message will be taking a minimalist approach and going back to basics (Global Wellness Summit, 2019). Stop stressing around with your healthy lifestyle routines. With stress and rushing cortisol, hormones will go up and will hinder you from getting the results you expected.

Pick your healthy habits wisely. The vitamins you really need and how you take them, whether to go for a drip (IV-drip for skin) or pill; the exercise you do – is it for your heart health, weight loss or for flexibility; and the skin care you use – get to know your skin, and make sure the products you use are clean and non-toxic. You might even be able to go cruelty-free and vegan with cosmetics.

Clean beauty is another new movement together with “skip-care” which will start to replace the overwhelming 10-step skin care we have seen until today. The search for effectiveness and reasonability will continue.

More about skincare, another new trend is using bio-retinoid for anti-aging like the ingredient “bakuchiol”, or other natural antioxidants like Moringa. People start to pay more attention to the hands, neck and décolleté, which reveal our age even better than our faces. You can also consider, in addition to non-invasive face contouring, a non-invasive body-contouring such as microdermabrasion for full body, as well bio-fillers, lasers, or chemical peels for the whole body if necessary to get your youthful look.
Non-invasive home tech for skincare is also on the rise, Take, for example, the much beloved Foreo with its various series for facials.

Talking about home tech, exercising at home is not new; it’s just that technology is getting better. For example, the mirror that turns out to be a screen providing you with a full-size personal trainer at home to guide you through exercises.

The year 2019 will also bring up all sorts of sleep quality topics – such as getting your own sleep coach and buying home gadgets for better sleep, from smart pillows to wearables. Rituals to do before bedtime and home settings including night food. Here I would say an evening meditation, self-hypnosis or fairytales for adults can also help to wind down from daily hustles.

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