Escapism, as well Gypset lifestyle, is on the rise, and I have found something extraordinary where to experience outstanding wellness.
When one looks for holistic healing concepts and places for also spiritual fulfilment with soulful approach then Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort has it all.
As well to clear up the remains of stressful life and to invest in health, Bali is a perfect place for an escape.

Healing in Bali with high priestess Ibu Jero is one of its kind Anantara on request wellness services. She comes from five generations of Balinese healers. You will experience Balinese traditional healing therapies that combine the Western and Eastern ideology. Ibu Jero’s extensive knowledge and experience of her ancestors will leave you enlightened and inspired for far longer even after you have left the resort.

Give the Spirituality a chance to find your soul, and bring more mindfulness into your daily living.

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