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Thank you for picking my blog from hundreds of other anti-aging lifestyle sources. I post rarely but surely to provide you only with quality content. Like a good old luxury product that is developed slowly to test the time.

Hopefully you will find here great ideas & inspiration for your personal well-being, – mindfulness living, – preventive health care readings, as well ways to find your youthful self again.

Let me introduce you

In 2013 I graduated international MA Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management in University of Tartu, in Estonia (EU).
I did my thesis about Age Management Concepts for Wellness- and Spa Sector, and were referenced by famous wellness writer and lecturer PhD Melanie K. Smith. Ever since I have been focusing on high-end anti-aging wellness concepts- and lifestyle design.

Furthermore my MA research outcome was launched in Governmental Public Health Development Plans for 2009-2020 (November 2013, Estonia). In addition at the same time I was invited to do a Public Performance at conference “Healing Resorts in Changing World”, to present “Age Management – concept for resorts”.

I am a wellness- and spa professional with several years of experience from world’s leading hotels- and spas like Kempinski Bahia Estepona-Marbella, Dolder Grand Spa in Zurich, and Longevity Wellness Resort in Algarve; with additional expertise in handling VIP clients.

In 2015 as a Head of Marketing, I helped to launch new Swiss premium rehab clinic in Zurich, called Calda Clinic. Launching a private luxury clinic from the scratch has been so far one of my biggest work challenges. We created an amazing holistic wellness concept, and the clinic has became a success story.

Currently occupied as Head of Marketing & Communications, I love to be part of an international team, and innovating in self-care by bringing AI into wellness. Launching soon in UK.

Last but not least I am a guest lecturer in University of Tartu for international Master students to teach innovation in wellness economy, more specifically about anti-aging concepts, and as well to introduce global marketing strategies.

This page I have dedicated to raise awareness about our demographic shift – the aging society, ageism and longevity. I believe personal proactive preventive health care inspired by world renown wellness concepts could make an outstanding positive change, and keep our communities active, healthy and happy even when more than half of our population will be 60+ years old. I do talk about demographics and statistics but also a lot about people’s personal lifestyle, and self-optimization.

There is a lot we can do to maintain our optimal health & youthfulness, look good and feel energetic. Furthermore to address preventable chronic diseases, which often can be caused by wrong lifestyle choices.

You will find here professional insights to anti-aging world, scientific articles converted into mainstream knowledge, interviews with experts, and newest trends to keep yourself up-to-date.

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